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Shallowford Center for Mindful Living is a place for contemplative practice, deep listening, and compassion. We live to serve the community, and through our connection with Shallowford Presbyterian Church, we are committed to enhancing and deepening spiritual health.  We invite all people, regardless of faith tradition, to grow and learn through practice and experience, embracing our common humanity and our capacity for living a life of love.

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Building Fences - Poem by Sue Ellen Williams

NEW Virtual Offering 
No tuition

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Mindful Living Book Conversations

Virtual Gatherings to Inspire and Enliven the Human Spirit


Peace in this Moment Without Judgement

Listen In on a conversation with Robby and Kay as they ponder peace as "this moment without judgement ..." and listen deeply to the reading of Dorothy Hunt's poem.



Practicing A Pause - A brief mindfulness practice

Kay guides a 5-minute practice as an invitation to pause and lean into the possibility of taking refuge in presence and love.

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A Calming and Clearing Meditation for Troubling Times

This mindful awareness practice invites a pause, and touching into the present moment with gentleness ... clearing a space to lean in and listen for the heart's intention ... inviting us, in the words of poet Martha Postlethwaite, to "create a clearing in the dense forest of your life."

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What We Resist, Persists

Listen In as Robby and Kay engage in a conversation around feeling what you feel. Consider the notion that “what we resist persists” as we navigate difficult emotions.


Additional Ongoing Virtual Offerings No tuition

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Monthly Gratefulness Gatherings

Practice Grateful Living in community, as together we focus attention on and acknowledge that life is a gift.

Weekly Contemplative Practice Circle

Pause, breathe deep, and practice presence ... A free weekly contemplative practice circle rooted in love and belonging.

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