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About Us

Shallowford Center for Mindful Living lives to serve the community.

Through our connection with Shallowford Presbyterian Church, we welcome all people, regardless of faith tradition, to grow and learn through practice and experience, moving slowly, with gentleness, to a place of courageous curiosity, accepting hardship as a pathway to peace.

Through our programs and offerings ...

Feeling alone, isolated and judged

Move from feeling ...
To being ...

Feeling alone, isolated and judged

Anxious, overwhelmed, burned out, and distressed

Connected, with acceptance and affirmation

Calm, centered, empowered, energized

Denial and bottling up feelings and difficult emotions

Accepting of human emotions as teachers and guides

Like you are on autopilot, stuck in destructive patterns and habits

Open to presence and possibility, responding rather than reacting

Crippled by fear and frozen in uncertainty

In a place of courageous curiosity, accepting hardship as a pathway to peace

About Us: About Us
Meet Our Facilitators

Our facilitators consider it a privilege to engage in meaningful conversations that illuminate what matters most as we seek to live life fully and well. They share a passion for creating healing communities of deep listening where we can ponder how to live life on life’s terms. Their shared work is aligned with living the serenity prayer ... accepting what we cannot change, changing what we can, and having the wisdom to know the difference. Through a variety of Inner Workshops, they seek to share insights, experience, courage, and hope.


Kay Stewart, M.Ed.

Director of Mindfulness Education

Kay joined our team in 2013 after completing graduate studies in mindfulness and contemplative education.


Kay facilitates classes and retreats grounded in mindfulness and evidence-based practices for compassion, resilience, and renewal. She is passionate about teaching and learning from the inside/out, wide open to God's amazing grace and love. 

Robby Carroll, M.Div., LMFT

Director of Healing Circles

Robby Carroll, M.Div., LMFT, considers it a privilege to work with families and individuals through many of life’s challenges and transitions.  

With over 30 years of experience and training in various counseling modalities, including post-graduate studies in Marriage and Family Therapy, Addiction intervention and counseling, as well as Appreciative Inquiry consulting. 

Meet our Facililtators
Lindsey T_edited_edited.jpg

Lindsey Thames, M.Ed.


Lindsey Thames, M.Ed., joined our team in 2023 as an intern. Lindsey has participated in numerous mindfulness courses at Shallowford, as well as being inspired by retreats and regular contemplative practice circles facilitated by Kay and Robby. Lindsey’s appreciation for mindful living deepened through her husband’s cancer journey,  and she is passionate about growing in her capacity to facilitate healing circles grounded in mindfulness and self-reflection. Lindsey finds meaning and joy through life in community, thus her desire to create spaces for deep listening and compassionate connection. 

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