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Life's Transitions:
Invitations to Wholeness

A book by Robby Carroll, Ben Johnson, and Kay Stewart

This book is about life’s transitions – it’s an invitation to live the questions of a life in transition, and to live them now! This is not a book of theories, concepts, strategies, or advice. Rather, it is a collection of real stories coupled with an invitation to connect occurrences to resources deep within us. The book is also about letting go of our striving for answers ... it’s an invitation simply to live the stories and questions, and perhaps gradually live into a sense of wholeness through lessons learned! We encourage you to engage the book with openness and curiosity, bringing patience and gentleness to all it stirs in you.

Streams of Influence: The Good, the Bad and the Painful

A book by Robby Carroll

Treat yourself to a journey of self-discovery and healing with Robby Carroll’s book, ‘Streams of Influence’. This book sets forth the numerous influences, which have streamed into Robby Carroll’s life and have given birth to a special kind of therapy, consulting, and training that is effective, down to earth, and restorative. His work is characterized by an emphasis on personal communication, attentive listening, and speaking the truth in love.

More than any other comment, people say this man models what he teaches having survived addiction himself, only to later endure the deep, life-changing pain and grief of losing a son to addiction. This book inspires the reader to consider the Streams of Influence in their own life.
Let the Beauty We Love Be What We Do: Stories of Living Divided No More

Includes a chapter written by Kay Stewart

An extraordinary glimpse inside the human journey to live with integrity, with wholeness by 21 diverse people who share their stories with stunning honesty and openness. Kay's chapter speaks to what inspires her work in spiritual health and mindfulness. 

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