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Guided Meditations & Recordings

Mindfulness Guided Practice

Free and on-going

Kay invites you to explore and/or renew a rhythm of mindfulness and contemplative practice as a pathway to greater well-being.

For a taste of mindfulness practice and easy access to free guided mindfulness meditation recordings with Kay, follow Stillwaters Mindfulness on Soundcloud. 

Listen In

Free and on-going

As we engage in life-giving conversations, you can LISTEN IN on Soundcloud. Through these brief conversations, (15 minutes or less), we engage the deeper questions of life ... who we are and what matters most in our relationships as we seek meaning and purpose in life. We hope you’ll join us in living the questions of the ups and downs of life.


  • Can we allow painful and challenging experiences to transform and guide us into greater wisdom? 


  • Rather than fight or flee, can we attend and befriend the reality of suffering and tap into the vast mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual resources within us?
  • When destabilized and disoriented, can we pause and with gentle curiosity, examine limiting habits and beliefs and open to the possibility of choice and transformation?

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