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With a focus on The 12 Step Program, Robby Carroll, M.Div., LMFT,  offers group work as well as in-depth individual therapy. Clients whose lives have been controlled by addiction experience major life changes including tools to meet stress and challenge with healthy habits of mind rather than patterns of denial and avoidance.

As a recovering alcoholic  and  a parent of an alcoholic and drug addict, Robby has found that “there is a solution.”  


Robby lives and embraces the 12 Step Programs, knowing that it’s not for folks who need it, it’s for folks who want it and are willing to go to any lengths to live a life of recovery. Robby has lived the miracle of recovery and has witnessed the power of “working the steps” countless times through the weekly groups that he leads as well as in the individual and family therapy he feels privileged to offer.

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As one client notes:

"Robby has chosen to use the deep suffering he has experienced in a lifetime as a gift to share and transform other broken souls and bring light back in their lives. One of the greatest gifts he shares is his innate ability to listen. Robby’s wisdom on life makes you at peace that all will be all right in this tragic and beautiful world we live in. Being in a room with him makes you want to soak up all he knows and has experienced in life. He shares with you the tools, the will, and strength to keep fighting through your own battle. He can make you go from crying tears to laughing in a matter of moments by the grace of his incredible humor. He is raw, real, and makes you realize you are not alone in this work. He has pulled me through some of my darkest of days. I am forever grateful for Robby Carroll."

Addiction & Recovery

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