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Mindful Living Book Conversations

Free virtual gatherings to inspire and enliven the Human Spirit 

offered by the Shallowford Center for Mindful Living.

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Register Now for Mindful Living Book Conversations

No “homework” required … Whether you’ve read the book or not, 

Join us via Zoom 

Tuesday, June 25

from Noon to 1:15 pm ET 

Our featured book for June 25 is An Altar in the World, by Barbara Brown Taylor. 


About the book:

In the New York Times bestseller An Altar in the World, acclaimed author Barbara Brown Taylor continues her spiritual journey by building upon where she left off in Leaving Church.  With the honesty of Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) and the spiritual depth of Anne Lamott (Grace, Eventually), Taylor shares how she learned to find God beyond the church walls by embracing the sacred as a natural part of everyday life. In An Altar in the World, Taylor shows us how to discover altars everywhere we go and in nearly everything we do as we learn to live with purpose, pay attention, slow down, and revere the world we live in. 








"What is saving my life now is the conviction that there is no spiritual treasure to be found apart from the bodily experiences of human life on earth. My life depends on engaging the most ordinary physical activities with the most exquisite attention I can give them. My life depends on ignoring all touted distinctions between the secular and the sacred, the physical and the spiritual, the body and the soul. What is saving my life now is becoming more fully human, trusting that there is no way to God apart from real life in the real world.”

-- Barbara Brown Taylor


Find the book on Amazon or your favorite bookseller. Whether you’ve already read the book or not, we hope you’ll join us as we share notes! 

REGISTER for Mindful Living Book Conversations HERE.


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Past Book Converstions

March 26, 2024

The ElderGarten: A Field Guide for the Journey of a Lifetime is author Sally Z. Hare's invitation to you to join her in becoming what the planet most needs now: Elders. There are more old people than ever on the planet, but too few have grown to be wise elders. There has never been a time when wisdom, leadership, and integrity are more needed. 


This non-linear journey of a lifetime begins early in life and invites us to become fully who we are and to use our gifts in service of the planet. Elder is not about age but about the time of Life when one's hidden wholeness becomes visible. Elder means to live with integrity, undivided between the inner Self and the outer world: soul and role are connected in a seamless flow. The journey requires resilience and commitment - and Sally shares the practice she has discovered to build that strength. 


Sally envisions The ElderGarten as the field for learning to be an Elder. She knows that books are the thin places that invite her into the space between the real and the imaginary, so why not a field guide that shows the way to The ElderGarten?

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