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As a client noted:


"As a result of a frightening life-changing experience on drugs and alcohol in his 30’s, Robby reoriented his life toward spiritual and emotional health. This life change led him to three years of Seminary followed by two years of clinical training in pastoral care and counseling.  Robby says that the pain and confusion of his early life have led to a fulfilling and meaningful life as a counselor, including extensive experience facilitating recovery groups.  Robby’s life experience gives him a level of understanding into the struggles of life that could not have been grasped any other way."  

When to intervene when Drug and Alcohol present Problems.

Addiction is a devastating disease impacting all of us.  If addiction is wreaking havoc on you or a loved one, , Robby Carroll is uniquely equipped to offer a loving and invitational approach to intervention.   As a recovering alcoholic and a parent of an alcoholic and drug addict, Robby feels called to walk alongside families as they seek to transform the fear and pain of addiction into a life of health and peace in recovery.  Robby embraces the AA  program and has lived the miracle of recovery.


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