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Mindfulness Education

Journey with us on the path of presence, learning how to be in wise relationship to this moment, inwardly and outwardly, no matter what is happening.

Ancient contemplative wisdom intersects with modern Western neuroscience to reveal that, with practice, our brains can literally be “rewired” for resilience, joy, compassion, and embodied presence.

We offer experiential trainings grounded in evidence-based practices for health and healing of mind, body, heart, and soul.  To learn of events and offerings, join our mailing list (subscribe below) or contact us at to explore possibilities to meet the needs of your organization and to receive a scope of work and cost structure.

Trail in Woods

Mindfulness Education Programs

The way to find the real world is not merely to measure and observe what is outside us,

but to discover our own inner ground.    –Thomas Merton

Ray of Light

Mindfulness Meditation

Be in Wise Relationship to this Moment

Women Holding Hands

Spiritual Health

Connect and Tap into Inner Strengths

Dandelion Leaves

Compassion Training

 What you practice grows stronger!  

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